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I grew up in Palo Alto, California, affectionately known as the heart of Silicon Valley. I am currently a sophomore at Harvard University pursuing a B.A. in Physics and S.M. in Computer Science.

Ever since building a toy robot in middle school, I have been hooked on robotics and engineering. During high school, I helped lead The Space Cookies (Team 1868), an all-girls robotics team, through the FIRST Robotics Competition to become World Championship Division Winners. I also worked on quadcopters in the Stanford Autonomous Systems Laboratory. In addition to robotics, I am also fascinated by astronomy, spending two summers researching the growth of galaxies using big data analytics of Hubble Space Telescope measurements in the UC Santa Cruz Department of Astrophysics.

I am currently working on developing an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) through the Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club and a satellite through the Harvard Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS). This summer, I was a Software Engineering Intern at Google (Nest) in the Embedded Systems Team.

Ultimately, I am passionate about using robotics and physics to learn more about our amazing universe. I am also passionate about applying an engineering mindset to a variety of fields—such as improving the environment to combat global warming, developing brain-computer interfaces to unlock our intellectual potential, building smart cities that save energy and improve quality of life, and creating economic policies that reduce inequality. I care deeply about educational empowerment, and I hope to give back to my community by mentoring young people pursuing STEM fields.

Here are some of my life goals.

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