Big Questions

Who am I? Am I a good person, and if not, how can I be one? How can I be happy? How can I be my ideal self?
How can I be at peace? How can we make peace with those around us?
How can I be mature? What is maturity?
How does learning occur? How can I learn more, and what can I do with what I learn?
What is a meaningful life? How can I live a meaningful life? What do I want to do with my life?
What matters most to me?

How much do I want to conform to society? How much am I conforming without realizing it? How can I be different?
How do we reduce inequity? How do we make sure that each person has the means to reach his or her fullest potential?
What is the ideal educational system? Government system?
What is a good friend?
Who can I trust? Who should I love?

How does one measure intelligence? What is intelligence? How does intelligence correlate with success?
How can I ask the right questions? How can I answer these questions? When are these answers absolute?

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