Artist's Statement

Photography is greater than the images we capture—it is a new way of seeing, of being. To be a photographer means living with intensity and deliberation.

To me, photography has never been about remembering a moment or showcasing something that is traditionally pretty. Rather, photography is about showing people the beautiful things we might miss—like the particular way a beam of sunlight falls onto a leaf or the intricate shape of a crack on a sidewalk.

My best work is yet to come; I want to someday take photographs that will speak to others in the same way that photographers like Ernst Haas, Ansel Adams, Fred Lyons, Michael Kenna, John Paul Caponigro, and Henri Cartier-Bresson have touched me. I hope to continue my photography journey and leave the world with art that inspires wonder.

More recent photographs are on IG: @maggiewangphoto.






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