Harvard University
A.B. in Physics and S.M. in Computer Science

Relevant Coursework
Systems Programming and Machine Organization, Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making (MIT), Functional Programming, Laboratory Electronics, Linear Algebra and Big Data, Real Analysis, Probability

Technical Skills

Expert in: C, C++. Proficient in: Python, Java, Matlab, x86 Assembly, UNIX Shell, Scheme, OCaml.
Experience in: Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks.

Work and Leadership Experience

Google (Nest)

Software Engineering Intern • C++, Python

Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club

Project Manager of the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Team • Python

Harvard Self-Organizing Systems Research Group

Research Intern • C

FIRST Robotics Team 1868 (Space Cookies)

Programming Captain • C++

Stanford Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Research Intern • C++, Matlab

Department of Astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz

Research Intern • Python, IDL

Space Cookies Zero Robotics

Project Leader • C
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