Following the Dog

- 1 min

Children are curious. That’s what they’re known for–asking the hard questions, like, what happens after we die? Why do I have to go to sleep? Why is the sky blue? What’s out there?

As we grow older, we forget to ask these questions, and we learn to live with half-baked answers. In short, we forget to be curious, and we learn to be complacent.

Yet, the only way to live a creative and truly intellectually fulfilling life is to follow the questions.

My high school creative writing teacher once told us that if we ever feel like we’re stuck in a rut, we should just listen to our inner thoughts and “follow the dog.” Write whatever comes to your mind without fear or resistance.

When something strikes you interesting, go after it with passion and perseverance. If you have a question, don’t just shrug it off and go on with your life. Instead, follow your questions. You may be pleasantly surprised with how far it will lead you.

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