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To me, photography isn’t just about capturing a moment. In fact, I used to dislike photography because I thought it was better to enjoy life in the moment rather than to view beauty though a two-dimensional surface. I believed that seeing things through a photograph could never be more satisfying than seeing, hearing, touching, and feeling the things in front of me. I remember watching a sunset and hearing people around me take photo after photo without stopping to realize that all of the photos they took could never reproduce what was in front of them. Only recently did I start loving photography after realizing that photography isn’t just about capturing a moment—it’s more about showing people the beautiful things we often miss. To me, photography is finding meaning in something seemingly simple.

I take photos to capture emotions and evoke feeling, and I love photos that make you feel awestruck and make you think. I also think photography is a powerful tool for breaking barriers and communicating between culture, time, and place. It’s amazing how the same photograph can speak to people in so many different ways. Someday, I want to travel the world while taking photographs that make people view life through a new perspective. I still have so much to learn about photography and have yet to develop my style, but I hope to become a great photographer!

Some of my photographs:

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