Reflection on Summer 2018

- 5 mins

It has been a restorative, engaging, and productive summer. I pursued existing hobbies and started new ones. I hung out with friends, old and new. And most importantly, I learned about my interests through continual self-questioning and analysis of my own behavior.

Here is what I did, in somewhat chronological order:

Although I accomplished a lot this summer, there are many goals that I have pushed aside, left to sit in the back of my head. They are:

The main resolution I got from this summer was that I want to solve large, systemic issues through a combination of technology, entrepreneurship, and business. One of the defining moments of this summer was on the plane back home, when I watched a documentary called “The Gamechangers: Inventing the World” from Discovery Channel. The documentary was about two entrepreneurs: one that created a device that would track illegal deforestation, and another that created a clean water in Africa. While watching the documentary, I realized that this was really what I wanted to do. I don’t want to work on products that help the rich get richer—instead, I want to work on technology that will really improve humanity.

What drives me every day is to become the kind of person I am inspired by—to become someone I would look up to if I were five. So, here’s my revised career goals:

Most importantly, I realized that at this stage in my life, I don’t want to be comfortable. For many, comfort is a luxury; I know I am coming from privilege by even having the choice between comfort and working on something greater. But I also know that given the resources I’ve been given, I need to do something great—and I don’t want to sacrifice meaning for comfort.

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